An Ode to Black Culture ❤️

Everyone want to be you but can’t fathom ya essence cause they don’t have ya roots.
And when they fail they copy you, chop and screw you then deny you ya due.

They claim they invented you but can’t even explain why the new shit they created has an old name and that name sounds like you.

You inspire me so much and I don’t even fit all the molds of you. See I’d fight for you. Argue for you. Might come to blows too.

But the difference between them imposters and you is there ain’t no frontin’ cause you always stayed true.

You mixed with a lot of old school but new school too. And even if this world don’t acknowledge you, I do. 

I gotta let you know how much this love is true cause without you, the sky might as well not be blue.

And without you the angels might as well not sing. 

And without you the stars might as well not shine cause without you love isn’t divine.

 You put the spice in me and I put some praise in you cause without you there’s no me and without me there’s no you. Black culture ❤️

(Poem by Moriah Banks)


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