Transferring Schools: PWI vs. HBCU : Pros and Cons

So, first off the gate because I want NO confusion, this article is not intended to offend anyone that attends a particular institution because we all have to get in where we fit in and a degree is exactly that… A DEGREE. Both institutions are important to those who attend and I personally just feel that the debate about attending an HBCU or PWI vs the other is severely played out and we should just dead that argument. However it may be an argument you’re passionate about but ACCORDING TO MORIAH (me) it’s ignorant. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move along. 

Based on the title you can see that I have transferred! I was previously attending North Carolina A&T in Greensboro but decided to transfer back home to the ‘704’ and attend UNCC. While it’s nice to be home (even though living with parents can cramp your style) there are pros and cons to transferring. 

Pro #1: You’re FINALLY out of a space or environment that you did not find to be beneficial to your education or future endeavors. That’s amazing! I always say “you can not grow in a toxic environment” and that is completely true. For me personally, while at NCAT it just wasn’t for me. For the friends I do have there, they love it! It’s all about finding your niche and thriving in it.

Con #1: Being the new kid on the block in college isn’t the same as being the new kid on the block in high school. In high school, it may take 2 weeks to have a new set of “best friends”, maybe 4 weeks tops. In college, especially transferring as an upperclassmen and literally knowing NO ONE on campus it’s hard. Everyone already has their clique (yes those still exist in college) and that’s totally understandable but now you’re just alone and trying to join a new clique which is WAY harder than what they show on tv and I consider myself to be pretty personable. In other words, bitches is mean in college 😂 

Pro #2: You feel academically challenged or excited about your major again! UNCC is much bigger than NCAT so obviously their Biology program is much larger and much more developed and equipped than a school that’s older and smaller. 

Con #2: You have to adjust to new academic guidelines and learn how a whole new set of professors handle different situations. At NCAT since the classes were smaller, the teacher ratio for my classes were typically 34:1. If you’re in college you know that’s a rare commodity and that that’s AMAZING. The smaller the class, the more 1 on 1 time you have with the professor and the more likely you are to develop a relationship with that professor. Also the easier it is to find a professor that truly puts their all into their work and wants you to succeed. At UNCC my smallest class in my major has been 65 students. While that’s still small compared to A LOT of other universities, it still doesn’t allow you that opportunity to reach out to your professor and introduce yourself formally. 

With new guidelines, comes things you never encountered before. At my previous school, if you knew you were going to miss an exam you could just tell the professor in advance and they’d schedule it for a different time. At UNCC I told my Anatomy teacher the second day of class that I couldn’t make the 3rd exam due to a preplanned weeklong vacation in Mexico that was already paid for and that I didn’t mind even having to take it months in advance if that’d be easier for her and she simply told me she doesn’t allow makeup exams of any kind. Besides professors like that, you come into contact with administration guidelines that are different. For example, at NCAT all of my tests were multiple choice and to get on the dean’s list you need a 3.0. At UNCC it’s completely opposite. Deans list is AT LEAST a 3.4 for the semester and most of my tests are open ended which is a major adjustment I’m still getting used to. 

Lastly but not least, the last pro & con! This is actually makes me want to transfer back sometimes haha. 

Pro #3: ??? Pros doesn’t apply at the moment.

Con #3: Potentially missing the school that you transferred from and wondering if it was all a mistake. My loans I’m taking out to pay for school are way cheaper since moving home but sometimes I wonder if life would be different if I would have stayed at NCAT. I miss the environment. I miss the school. I miss the activities being offered. I miss GHOE. I miss a lot of things and didn’t realize I enjoyed the school so much until after I left. 

Hopefully this article has helped you decide on which institution may be a better fit for you or has helped you make your decision of transferring final or not. Regardless of whatever the reason may be, make sure the decision is 100% made by you so that you have no regrets later on. 


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