College Interfering with Back Home Friendships

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After you walk across that stage in the Spring, it doesn’t really hit you that your life is really about to change until you move into your 4 year temporary home in August. But remind yourself, this is a new beginning… not an end. Some people do just let old friendships from high school and middle school fizzle away, but it doesn’t have to end like that. So I’m going to give you two scenarios and how to handle them: Losing friends and having friends at different colleges.

Losing Friends

Sad, but true… in life you lose friends. This revelation hurts especially if you lived in a small town like I did and have grown up with people since Pre-K. But if this happens to you, don’t consider it a bad thing. Sometimes people grow apart and come back into each other’s lives later down the road & sometimes a person is only suppose to be in your life for a season and once their purpose is fulfilled… the relationship dies. Sucks doesn’t it? Although it sounds bad, learn the good in goodbye. You literally just enrolled into a college with 30,000 other people. In the next 4 years, you can find someone with similar interest and hobbies as you. Don’t fret.

Having Friends At Different Colleges

Fall Break. Winter Break. Spring Break. Summer Time. St. Patrick’s Day. Anytime you can find time, spend it with family and of course your friends. Honestly, you don’t even have to spend every waking moment with a person. Sometimes the best conversations are the ones that are randomly started at 3:37 in the morning when you’re bored and the only thing you have is school work and your phone. In my opinion, if the friendship is meant to last it will last. If it’s not meant to last, then it won’t. TRUST ME, don’t force it. Anything that’s forced, isn’t real – because eventually you’re going to get tired of giving 89% effort while the other person is just giving 11%. Also, if they say they can’t find time then that’s their problem. One thing I’ve learned is that people make time for what they want to make time for. No one is busy 365 days out of the year, 24/7.

Sorry if this wasn’t the article you were looking for, but I don’t support forcing relationships or friendships. If it’s meant to be, then it will be.

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 prom4   Jr, Janice, Arielle, Alexis, & I


Alisha & I


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