Cuffin’ Season: Microwavable Relationship Foolery 

cuffin season

Is it real? Does it really start late September, and end early March? Do some really break it down into Draft Day, Pre-Season, Final Roster Cuts, Free Agency, and Last Minute Trade Deadlines? While that may not be the TOTAL case, something strange does happen when the weather changes from hot to cold & vice versa. 

This term may be new to some but to a lot of people, especially those in college, this is all too familiar. My only question is… am I the only one that thinks this is foolish. You mean to tell me that you’re going to show interest in me, introduce me to your friends and family, date me “seriously” for about 7 months just for it all to “randomly” end over the summer and now you’re wondering why I’m so heartbroken and in love while you were able to just move on so casually? No thanks, I’m not interested in that sort of thing.

My thing is maybe if you tell me that we’re just casually dating yet still seeing other people and exploring other options that I’d be okay with it OR AT LEAST given the opportunity to decline. Instead, you’re feeding me lies for your own personal gain and then upset because I didn’t understand from the beginning completely ignoring the fact that you mislead me. 

It makes me wonder, am I one of the few in my generation that takes dating serious anymore? Of course that’s a rhetorical question and I know there’s MANY others like me, but finding one that you’re compatible with is rare. Everyone wants a microwave relationship. Something you can have quick and easy with no work at all and if you don’t enjoy it, you can discard it. No one wants an actual relationship where you have to work constantly at loving not only each other but yourself to the point where you individually improving benefits the relationship as a whole. These days everyone wants to reap the benefits without putting in the work. 

Maybe I’m wrong, but hopefully I’m right. Tell me your input on the dreaded “cuffing season” in the comment section below! 


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