How To Ace That Exam (Preparation)

So you need a few tips on passing that first exam (obviously because you clicked on the article) or your professor pulled a move like mine did and decided that you don’t have to take the final exam if you get a good grade on this exam.

As I’m currently up at 7 in the morning studying for my African American Lit. & Cell Bio class, instead of focusing on trying to learn more example questions and definitions, I’m writing an article helping YOU on your exam which probably isn’t until next week (you over achiever lol).

Okay here’s what to do . . .

1. Don’t cram study. Do planned intervals of studying as soon as you learn the material. Why would you wait until you knew there was a test to study? Study as soon as you get the material so it can stick in your mind and you actually LEARNED it instead of memorizing it long enough for 3 hours.

2. Take effective notes. One thing that we as students do is write everything we see on the teacher’s lecture notes word for word. Some of us just print the notes off – which has been proven to not be as efficient as actually writing with pencil and paper. To make sure you’re processing the information correctly, don’t just use the professor’s notes. Use outside resources – YouTube, blogs, tutors, etc.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You may be wondering “Dang, why does Moriah always mention asking for help in all of her advice articles?” It’s because I have a problem with asking for help. I was one of the smartest in high school, so coming to college was an adjustment for me because I was among the smartest from schools around the world. In all honesty, I was too prideful. But don’t let pride cause you to fail your class. Most likely, the question you had were other student’s question too.

4. Figure out your best method of studying. I know some people recommend group work for everyone, but group work doesn’t work well on everyone. I’m a talker, if I studied in a group nothing would help me. I’d probably talk the whole time.

5. Surround yourself with motivated people. Long story short, don’t be the smartest person in your group. Strive to hang around people that model what you want to be like in the future. Strive to be, one day, where they currently are. If you never associate with people of a higher caliber, you’ll never grow.


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