2016 Fall Semester in Review

School is done and finals are FINALly (pun intended) over! School has been kicking my behind all year; I don’t know what in the world or who in the world birthed the year 2016 but they can have it back! 2016 just needs to pass GO and doesn’t need to collect because it already collected my peaceful mindset, my sanity, and every other positive feeling about college and I still did NOT pass my finals. After weeks of studying. After hours spent on YouTube looking up science material. After countless visits to Walmart to buy flash cards! Seriously, I’m at Walmart so much they know my face, it’s getting sad. In other words 2016 in general BUT especially this semester has SCAMMED me! 

I figured “okay, just retake the 2 classes next semester in the spring” only to find out that it’s only offered in the Fall and is a prerequisite to the other classes I need and graduation for me was suppose to be next year *insert sigh emoji*. I went in with the hopes of having amazing grades this semester, meeting new people and joining new clubs only to not have time to meet new people or join clubs because I’m studying for classes that I ended up doing poorly in anyway! I’m so over college 😂 I constantly find my self saying “You’re a junior with only $13k in debt. That’s not too much. If you stop now, you could repay that in 2 years!” 

I’ll be completely honest and admit college has been tough for me but some parts I am to blame. Spring 2016 I was in a new relationship and foolishly focused on that more than my studies – COMPLETELY my fault and I accept that. However, it does discourage you when you see EVERYONE doing good in college and posting their grades and making dean’s list yet you can’t say the same. Even if it’s considered an “easier major”, an A is an A and a 4.0 is a 4.0. I was okay with my performance last semester because I knew it was my fault but now I’m really feeling discouraged because I truly tried. I studied in groups, I studied alone, I went to office hours for the professor, I went to SI (Supplemental Instruction) provided by the university, I looked over problems in the textbook and 3 years worth of old test and still didn’t do well! 

Also, I probably would be handling this better if I had known I was going to receive these grades all semester but the finals are what messed me up. I was making A’s and B’s before the finals but not ONE A or B is on my transcript! I received a D in Chemistry for Spring 2016 and decided to retake it for grade replacement in the Fall. I was making an A in the class and the final dropped me to a 79.01 … which is a C by the way, an 80 is a B… all that work to just place one letter grade higher has literally gotten me shaken up. 

I know some people are like “it’s just college, it happens. Your grades will improve.” but I’m a junior in college trying to gain admission into dental school within the next few years but the light at the end of the tunnel is dwindling and that damn light is just a flicker now. Any tips? Any suggestions? Please someone let me know I’m not the only one you know with a similar story and that there is light after College darkness! Let me know in the comment section below 😀


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