2017 Motto: No More 

Not sure why I’m crying while writing this, Lord knows I didn’t intend to. I just wanted to give you all a Life Update. 2016 was not a good year for me at all and I plan to make changes to ensure that 2017 won’t be the same. 

In 2016, I fell in and out of love with a man who did not value me, respect me or treat me with any emotional regard. But in the same breath, would act as if I was in the wrong for demanding more. My changes for 2017 will be more so of a motto. The motto is “No More”. No More will I be denied my worth, No More will I be disrespected, No More will I have my mind made up to leave a toxic situation and be convinced to stay in it from a person who claims they aren’t ready to commit to a relationship yet wants a future with me. How the fuck does that make any sense? I’m laughing now when I think about it.

 No More will I be up at night wondering why someone I’m supposed to be in a relationship with feels more comfortable talking to their friends about our relationship problems meanwhile telling me we have none. Honestly, fuck all that shit. No More tolerance! I deserve better. I deserve better. I deserve better. I deserve someone who asks if I’ve eaten that day. I deserve someone who doesn’t think I’m trying to push them beyond their “emotional limits” just by asking me how my day was. I deserve better. 
Now you may wonder why I stayed so long or why I’m just now giving an update. Honestly I was kind of embarrassed to give this update because I didn’t expect the relationship to end the way it did, especially after writing such an amazing article about being in love with him. My tips to anyone in a relationship where they feel less than, GET OUT. I was only in it for 6 months, I can only imagine someone staying in it for years and decades or better yet having children involved. You do NOT deserve to go to sleep at night with tears in both ears. You do NOT deserve getting texts from random numbers at all times of the night saying “woman to woman, me and *insert name* have been dating for a while and I want to know who you are.” You do NOT deserve wondering what you did that was so wrong that you drove the person away. You deserve better. No More. ❤️
Much love,


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