Biology Major Truths

Let’s talk about cells baby! Let’s talk about zygotes forming into me! Let’s talk about cells!

Yes, I admit using the ‘Let’s talk about sex baby’ song and comparing it to cells for my opener was pretty lame, but can you blame me? Lol, I couldn’t just flat out start talking about Biology – I know I would’ve stopped reading the article by the time I got to the third sentence.

I just figured that I could give the TRUTH about being a biology major. The kind of truth the ambassadors at the School of Science won’t tell you at Open House.

In short and sweet words – Biology is hard. If you don’t love science with about 85% of your being, you might as well click off of this article because you won’t make it in this field. NO WAIT! I’m just playing about leaving, but I’m very serious about having to love Biology.

I’m sure many upperclassmen have told you about Biology and many other courses using the same phrase consisting of the usual “College classes not the same as high school classes,” meaning that the courses you took in high school won’t come close to the difficulty level of college courses. Cliche, but true. College level classes are not easy, and you will not get a good grade in your courses if you do not study. Meaning you may have to be in your room studying all night, while your friends are out partying. Oh well, it’s life.

Also, Biology is a major that could limit your career if you’re trying to match your desired lifestyle with your desired salary. While there are many carers in the field, the starting pay isn’t so great – and let’s face it, everyone can’t be a doctor or dentist. Long story short, don’t be a biology major – science major in general- for the money. All money isn’t good money, and waking up everyday hating your career isn’t worth a hefty price tag and just plain sucks.

The curriculum is another story. First semester is a wake up call, but second semester is the 3 back up alarms scheduled to go off in case you missed the first wake up call. Second semester freshman year will bombard you with work, and if you truly love science, you can handle it. Not only is a lot of coursework involved, the material being taught is rigorous.It’s not easy. Especially those chemistry classes. A lot of people forget that Biology majors take 4 required chemistry courses including the labs – and more at other schools.

I’m not trying to discourage anyone, I’m all for dreams being chased with the same determination that a dog chases its tail, but some people need to realize before they take a plunge into the world of science, that if biology is not for them, the tail will never be caught.


* Long story short, chase your dreams – not the money or anyone’s expectations for YOUR life.


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