55 Must Have Songs For Your Exercise Playlist

Have you ever needed that upbeat tune to motivate you to work harder? Or a tune to help you cool off from a long day at the gym? No matter the cause, I have just what you need!

  1. Mariah Carey ft. T.I. – I’ll Be Lovin’ You Long Time
  2. Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, etc. – TapOut (Don’t judge, when the beat drops it’s pure motivation lol)
  3. Rick Ross – Hustlin’
  4. Gucci Mane – Night Rider (Maybe it’s the way I walk, Maybe it’s the way I talk, or the way I move that make them young girls choose)
  5. Lil Boosie – Smoking On Purple
  6. Lil Boosie – Loose As A Goose
  7. Fetty Wap – Trap Queen
  8. Lil Boosie – Set It Off
  9. Migos – Wishy Washy (Who doesn’t have wishy washy people in their life?)
  10. Lil Boosie – Betrayed (The verse about an ex is motivation to stunt on your ex the next time you see them and you look good)
  11. Lil Boosie- Show The World (Show all your doubters you were serious about your New Years Lifestyle Change)
  12. Mary Mary – Sunday Morning (That upbeat tempo)
  13. Notorious B.I.G, P.Diddy – Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems (Everyone knows I’m a HUGE Biggie fan)
  14. Tink – Tell The Children (The lyrics make you think about current events in the U.S., so I suggest this as a cool down song)
  15. Mike Jones – Back Then (When they randomly text you ‘Hey Stranger’ after seeing your weight loss, send them a link to this song)
  16. Beyonce – Check On It (The title speaks for itself)
  17. Rich Gang – Milk Marie (Don’t judge me because I love Quan)
  18. Migos – Island
  19. DJ Mustard – Face Down
  20. Migos – Freak No More
  21. Kirk Franklin – Brighter Day (Have a vision, write down the plan, and work towards it.)
  22. Mary Mary – God In Me (I love this song. God is working on me and they don’t know how much I’ve changed)
  23. Mary Mary – Heaven
  24. Mary Mary – Go Get It
  25. Travis Porter ft. Tyga – Ayy Ladies
  26. Rihanna – S&M
  27. Juvenile – Back That Ass Up (Cash Money Records Takin; Ova for the 99 and the 2000s)
  28. Kanye West ft. T-Pain – Good Life
  29. Lil Wayne – Prom Queen
  30. Lil Boosie – B4
  31. Lil Webbie ft. Trina – Bad Chick
  32. T.I. – Go Get It
  33. Young Jeezy ft. Jay Z – Seen It All
  34. Young Jeezy ft. Mannie Fresh – And Then What
  35. Fergie – L.A. Love
  36. Beyonce ft. Nicki Minaj – FLAWLESS (Remix)
  37. Beyonce – 7/11
  38. The Pussycat Dolls – When I Grow Up
  39. T.I. ft. Keri Hilson – Got Your Back
  40. Keri Hilson – Pretty Girl Rock (Ha!, mad cause I’m cuter than the girl that’s with you)
  41. Nelly Furtado – Promiscuous Girl
  42. Britney Spears – Womanizer
  43. Lady Gaga – Applause
  44. Black Eyed Pees – I Got A Feeling
  45. Lady Gaga – Poker Face
  46. Katy Perry – Firework
  47. Waka Flocka – No Hands
  48. 50 Cent – In Da Club
  49. Lil Wayne – Lollipop
  50. Nelly ft. Ashanti, Akon – Body On Me
  51. Nelly – Hot In Here (Classic Line: “Girl, I think my butt getting big!)
  52. Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl
  53. Rihanna – Rude Boy
  54. OutKast – Hey Ya!
  55. Fergie ft. Ludacris – Glamorous

I listen to some of these songs every time I go to the gym (6x a week). This playlist isn’t for everyone. If you don’t like old rap & R&B, then you wont really like these songs. Tell me what you think about my choices in the comment section below.

Are there some songs you like that aren’t on my playlist?


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