“Moriah, I Want Out”




As I’m sitting here typing, I’m eating some Welch’s fruit snacks and listening to KeKe Wyatt’s song ‘ Another Lifetime’. I said “gosh, this is a perfect time to give my readers an update on what happened after  I listened to K.Michelle and called.”

So basically, I thought it was over. After I wished him happy birthday and he responded “thanks, hope all is well”, I just figured that was it. Until he showed up at my house randomly. The day he got his license (he’s a late bloomer lol), I was the first person he came to visit. That meant a lot to me, but I didn’t stress it. While at my house we caught up on old times and 7 (almost 8) years worth of memories. We got so tied into our shared experiences, that when we looked at the clock we had to both rush and say goodbye because we had other events to get to later that night.

For New Years, I threw a small get together and told him to call me if he wasn’t busy that night. I honestly forgot I invited him, until 2 hours before the party started he called me asking for the address. We had a lovely time – and mind you, that I hadn’t talked to him since March after he moved out of my neighborhood. He didn’t stay the whole night, maybe 4 hours – but time is still precious to some and 4 hours is a lot of time to invest in someone.

Fast forward to the next day. I told him I was going to Buffalo Wild Wings with friends (who all know him) and he asked if he could come. I said sure. We stayed at B-dubs (yes, that’s Buffalo Wild Wings’ nickname) for 3 hours. Fun really is a time killer lol. After that event was over, he offered to drive me home. Instead of driving me home immediately, we just sat in a parking lot for an hour talking – reminiscing – and laughing. I asked him why we stopped talking in March and basically the answer was ‘lack of communication.’ Then and there, we made a pinky promise to never lose touch again. That no matter how awkward we felt at a time period, we’d talk to one another.

So over the next course of about 4 days, he’d come to my house and we’d just hang out. Watch tv, eat food, and laugh at everyone and everything. Then I popped the BIG QUESTION (dun, dun, dunnnnn…) No all jokes aside, before I invested anymore serious time I wanted to know where I stood in his life. I said “What are we? Are we friends, acquaintances, what?” After a day of him pondering the question and saying a mixture of “Moriah we’re friends/I’m just as clueless as you”, he dropped me back off at my house one night and randomly texted me saying how he wanted out of my life.

When I tell you that this dude was sending all types of mixed signals! One day we’re making promises, the next day you want out? At the time only Etta James, Monica, and Mary J. Blige could soothe the headache he caused me to still have an entire 2 weeks later. Now you may ask… “Moriah, why did this randomly pop in your head at 3:00 in the morning?” Honestly, I feel that around this time of night… we ALL have one person or situation we think about and question ‘what if?‘ If you don’t have these sporadic moments of questioning, then kudos to you because believe me… it’s not fun.


In the words of KeKe Wyatt, ” Now I miss you in my life, but it’s painful to see you now. But I know someday, some how that we are going to reunite. Don’t ask me when, but I know that I’ll see you again. Right now we only hurt each other, so find another love… but I believe that you and I are going to meet in another lifetime. Right now you’re not the one, but don’t let that break you up. Cause I believe that you and I, are going to meet in another lifetime.”

 {This post was written 9 months ago as of 04/08/2016. I thought I posted it but I see I didn’t. Hope you guys enjoy it :)}


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