Amèlie’s: French Cuisine South of The Mason Dixon

Instead of doing my usual routine and going to work immediately, my mom and an old friend decided to catch up and eat in NoDa (North Davidson, Charlotte North Carolina) at a restaurant called  Amèlie’s. For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you know that I’m very family oriented and therefore I’m working for my mom this summer while college isn’t in session. Translation: Wherever she goes, I have to go as well.

Anyone who’s familiar to the Charlotte area knows that NoDa has been under major “reconstruction.” What was once old abandoned shops, is now cool hippie tattoo parlors and vibrant restaurants promoting open mic night. NoDa is now know as the art district. Literally their graphic on snapchat is splashes of paint.

I’ve lived in Charlotte ever since 1998 (I was 2 when I moved here) and never really traveled much outside of my little secluded neighborhood in West Charlotte near Coulwood Middle. So when I walk through Charlotte, I feel as if I’m a visitor from another state. Up until today I never knew Amèlie’s existed – I’m so glad I know now.

When I first walked in I was a little taken back because I pictured something fancy – like out of a magazine –  but I was bombarded with a cool atmosphere kind of vibe. I saw students just coming in with their laptops to study in groups, coworkers gathering to have a quick chat before work, and then there was us – my mom, her friend, and I.

One of the things that I first noticed besides the random chandeliers hanging awkardly, but gracefully, on the ceiling was the picture booth.  Y’all this was so cool to me. At first I was a little nervous to take pictures of the place and to take selfies in the photo booth, and then I had to remind myself that I am the queen of snapchat and will faithfully pull out my camera in any environment.

I ordered a half sandwich which comes with either a side salad or a side serving of soup. I originally was going to get a basic salad but they didn’t serve basic ranch and only had vinegrate dressing. Instead I got a chicken salad sandwich with a side serving of corn crab bisque. I was a little skeptical because I do not eat crab or lobster whenever offered to me, but this soup was so amazing! To me it almost tasted just like the broccoli cheese bread bowl that McCallister’s offers. The price is reasonable, I understand that good food costs money and I have no problem paying for good food.

This really excited me because my mom and I are supposed to be going to Paris next summer, and this gate served as a little teaser. I might go back, it is open 24 hours (I actually went back later that night with my dad to show him Amèlie’s.)

My mom purchased these for us and  they were different to the taste buds. I’m from the South, I like my desserts warm and fresh. These desserts are made fresh everyday but are served cold and that just threw me off entirely. I learned something new however. Macaron is pronounced mac-uh-roon not mac-uh-ron. Also they come in different colors and flavors, not just one.






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