Why I Stopped Blogging For A Brief Moment

Here it is – September  – and I haven’t attempted to write any blogs since February. When I finally purchased this domain back in January, I convinced myself that I’d be blogging and posting everyday … yet that never happened. Honestly, life occurred. Parties, celebrations, heart breaks, holidays, tons of school work, summer classes, freshman year, trends, etc. all passed me by and I failed to document any of it. Not to sound like a debby downer, but have you ever just felt stuck in life? Even though you knew what you wanted to be, how to obtain your dreams, and much more – you still felt stuck? Almost as if life and everyone was a movie, ad you were the only person in the audience watching it?

Well that’s how I felt for a while. I’d sit down, pull up WordPress, and could literally type nothing because I didn’t know where to begin. I questioned if I should even blog anymore because I felt people probably don’t even read my blog. WordPress always notify’s me when someone follows me, but I’m convinced that it’s all staged LOL. I’ve always had 2 reasons to blog – to express all my jumbled thoughts to anyone who’d listen and to help people. For a while I thought I was achieving those goals, but was I really? I figured if I could just help ONE person, that this blog would be worth it. Even though there’s no way of me really finding out who’s getting help or not, I’ll continue to blog. I’m going to wake up, with a positive mind, say ‘today is the day,’ and TRY. That’s all we can do in this life… TRY. If you never try, you never fail, and you’ll never know what success feels like (Yes, I totally just made that awesome statement up *pats self on back*.)

So I’d like to just say sorry to everyone who has been looking forward to my blog post. Sorry for leaving without warning, it won’t happen again! I’m staying here on WordPress for a while. Shit, in regards to life’s struggles, I’ll continue to fight and stay positive no matter what. My dreams WILL be achieved.

– I’m here to stay.


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