The Importance of Having A Relationship With God In College

When conflict sets in and times get stressful – the only name you can call is Yeshua. As I’m sitting in church, I’m reflecting on the worship song the choir just finished singing. The melody that keeps running through my head is “no matter what I’ve done, no matter where I’ve been…. you’ve covered me in your grace”.

I remember when I was younger and would sit in “big people’s church” a.k.a anything not children’s church, and I would look at everyone crying and clapping in church and wondered why I was never overwhelmed with that much excitement and appreciation for God. I wondered this for many years actually, but now I know the answer – experience.

There’s a saying that God protects fools and children. As a child you’re covered from the doings of the world, everything charitable had “good” intentions behind it, etc. As you get older and reach the age of accountability, and actually start experiencing the trials and tribulations that life brings… you start realizing how much God has had your back throughout the years.

I know that there has been countless times where I’ve been in the gym and almost broke down in tears on the treadmill because a lyric on a song mentions the goodness of God and I think about a time where I had done so much stuff and said “if I was God, I wouldn’t forgive me. I wouldn’t even claim me”.

Four of the songs are: Now Behold The Lamb, Go Get It, Jesus at the Center, and Father Can You Hear Me.

Now Behold The Lamb
”  Even when I broke your heart. My sins tore us apart. But I’m standing right here in the midst of my tears.

Even when I broke your heart.

my sins tore us apart. But I’m standing right here in the midst of my tears. New life can begin
for you washed away every one of my sins. Whom the Son sets free, is truly free indeed. I proclaim you to be the Lamb of God.”

Go Get It
“It’s like you looking through a telescope, see where you going to be. Growing, getting better. You’re not the person they see. Can’t be mad at the things you’ve been through, cause they built your muscle. Now your stronger than you’ve ever been, they can’t stop your hustle. Everyone has a season, and this one’s yours. Go get your blessing”

Jesus at the Center
“From beginning to the end. It will always be, always been you Jesus.”

Father Can You Hear Me
” Ooh Lord can you heal even me lord. See I’m coming to you lord just as I am. I’m in need of the blood of the lamb. Oh my heart, oh my soul say yes”

These songs, plus many more, not only describe my continual journey with God. I’m not where I want to be, but THANK GOD I’m no where near what I use to be.

Here’s some advice.

Don’t call on Jesus just when you need something. Dwell with Jesus even when there’s nothing wrong. I promise you that you don’t regret it.

& to my dear friend who doesn’t believe in God. My response to the conversation we had the other day is: ever since I put God as the head of my life, my life IS in order and I’ve never felt better – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


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