Color Damaged Natural Hair


Okay, so recently (April 2014) I colored my natural hair from Jet Black to honey blonde (but it really came out as honey auburn.) I used 2 boxes of Clairol coloring brand, and had my mom put it in my hair. The color turned out really amazing – not too bright, not too ‘unnoticeable’- and everything seemed okay… until I got my hair professionally straightened. When I got my hair professionally straightened, I noticed that a MAJORITY of my hair had split ends. It was completely mortifying. Everyone who looked at my hair, noticed it and commented on it. I ended up cutting about 2.5 inches of my hair off just to get most of the split ends and incomplete splits from my head. After cutting that much length from my hair, I did an Aphogee protein treatment to re-balance my hair’s protein and moisture levels because I was experiencing severe breakage.

I found a video on YouTube that almost explains EXACTLY what happened to my hair. To watch, click play on the video below:


My tips on avoiding a horrific experience like mine are:

  1. Go to a professional salon and get your hair colored there. A lot of times we naturals enjoy DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, but don’t like the consequences that our failed projects reap. Although a professional salon may not be able to guarantee avoiding this experience 100%, it can surely cut down on the probability of it happening.
  2. Get a color that is closer to your natural hair color. Remember the lighter the dye is than your natural hair color, the more your natural hair color is being stripped from your hair strand… leaving it more prone to breakage and split ends.
  3. Cut down the amount of times you’re coloring your hair. Try dealing with those exposed roots a little longer and limit dyeing sessions to two to three times a year (I do one every year).
  4. Stick with one color for a certain amount of time. Don’t go from Forest Green hair to MAC Pink Pigeon hair. Like stated before, the amount of times that you’re dyeing your hair is important. When you keep dyeing chemically altered hair OVER & OVER, that’s not good.

If you have any tips on how to protect you hair when dyeing it at home or at a professional salon, then comment below. Thanks for reading!



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