#AWBAH K.Michelle: Should You Call? My Experience


K.Michelle has recently released new songs on her YouTube channel to promote her new album Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart, which has a scheduled release date of December 09,2014. One of the songs that I fell in love with immediately after hearing it was ‘Maybe I Should Call’.


Maybe I Should Call is basically K.Michelle telling her past about a certain man that she loves, who has presumably moved on… without her. Above are lyrics from the video and as you can see, things are pretty serious. Besides the whole baby situation, I can really relate to the song; but still the pending question the video leaves me with is: Should I Call?’

Well if you read my post about 2015 lifestyle changes that I posted a few days ago, then you know that I texted ‘happy birthday’ to someone I haven’t spoken to since earlier this year around summer time. Well after that post and listening to K.Michelle, I said what’s the harm in texting him. Honestly, I wasn’t trying to date him or anything, I just wanted to see how he was doing and if he was still alive LOL. But seriously, have you ever just craved to talk to someone? You don’t even have to see them or be relatively near them, you just want to hear their voice and make sure they’re doing good? You want to see if they’re happy, and if they’re happy without you?

Here are my tips to help you decide if you should call your old friend or old significant other:

  1. If the person you’re trying to call is a significant other, check to see if they have a current girlfriend or boyfriend, because in some cases it’s disrespectful to call an old partner (especially when you’re calling with hopes of dating them again).
  2. Think about if you really want to call them. Are you calling because you generally care, or because you’re lonely? Don’t let the fact that you’re lonely get you hurt again – believe me, it’s not worth it. Unfortunately, I thought about this tip AFTER I texted him and when we started texting, I realized why we grew apart in the first place… he was boring. He wasn’t spontaneous at all.Every conversation we had was predictable. The convo always started with ‘Hey’ and ended with an ‘Oh okay, talk to you tomorrow’.
  3. Think about a time they’ve tried to make contact with you prior to you contacting them. Sometimes NO sign, is a sign. In my case, him & I both attend college in the same city… yet he never reached out. So when I texted him I wasn’t even thinking about how the list of reasons to call was full of cons and no pros.
  4. Try to pick up vibes from the conversation. If it seems that you’re trying to force a conversation, stop. Whether you or the person messed up the friendship/relationship, if someone doesn’t even appreciate the fact that you’re trying to reach out and contact them and be a better person, then they don’t deserve you in their life. POINT BLANK. When I was texting him, I noticed that he texted with blunt responses and bland replies, when I was genuinely trying to have a conversation – no gimmicks, no lies. When my friends saw his replies they thought that maybe he was replying like that because I was texting him out of the blue (which could be true), but like stated in my post about 2015 changes, don’t try to force a dying relationship to grow.
  5. After you call/text the person to reach out to them, wait a couple of days to see if the person ever tries to initiate contact. If they don’t, you know where you stand in their life. Although it may not be where you want to be, you know your place – and you can either accept that place, or give it up.
  6. If you’re just a bold person, schedule a face to face meeting at a local sandwich shop so you guys can talk face to face and not through technology (which sometimes has its own unique way of misconstruing the real feelings behind our words.) If you don’t want a face to face meeting just yet, honestly just ask them ‘Where do we stand? What are we? Are we friends or not? Should I never call you again or is this not a good time in your life for me to enter?’. Just simple questions, and however they initially respond is usually the most honest response – and you have to respect that.

Have you ever contacted an old friend or old significant other after a long period of not talking to them? If so, how was your experience with that? Comment below and share how you feel! Also, share this posts and sign up to receive weekly updates about blog posts.


To watch the official video, click play on the video below!


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