College Tuition: Is It Worth It?


A lot of people from my old high school and friends of mine that are in college, ask me if I felt that college was worth it. Although college has its up and downs, college tuition isn’t really high. I know A&T tuition is around $1,623 a semester, but I pay about $17,000 a year (required fees, room & board, meal plan, gym fee, shuttle fee, travel, books, etc.)  I asked two friends at my school how they felt about college, and here’s what they said.

Jasmine: “If everyone wants us to get an education, why do they charge so much knowing that everyone cannot afford college. Shitty wifi, and nasty food is not worth it. I believe that college will help me later in the future, but I don’t believe that it should cost this much, nor does a degree have to be earned from a 4 year university to have a successful future.I don’t understand why people say go to college, but don’t make going to college easy. Leaving college with $50,000 worth of debt is not cool. The reason I’m leaving this semester is because tuition is too high.”

Kerra: “College should be cheaper, because if it was cheaper more people would come. A lot of people use the excuse that college is costly, and the inability to pay college tuition can lead to college students dropping out of college. Also, the new plus/minus system is hurting students’ G.P.A . A petition has even started to stop this plus minus system at A&T. ”

The petition states “With other institutions moving from a seven point scale to a ten point scale, competitiveness is promoted amongst the students.Why would our university move away from the ten point grading scale when this scale puts a more stringent policy in place, preventing graduates from being as competitive.”

To sign the petition, you can visit this website:

My opinion is that college is worth it. Although it cost a lot, a lot of the fees (if not all) can be covered by scholarships, Pell Grant, work study jobs, etc.

  f1  f2

Above, is a screen clipping of the fees I paid this year (not including books or travel), and how I paid for each item. As you see, I got 6 scholarships/grants that covered my tuition for this year fully. IN MY HONEST OPINION, I think college is very expensive. I have to pay for things I don’t even use. BUT, I do think it’s worth it. I think in order to get to where you want to be (for me, hopefully a Family Practitioner), you have to endure some things you may not want to. Right now, I don’t have college debt but I don’t know what the future holds- I hope it holds more scholarships, but if it doesn’t I will survive.

All in all, I think for one to evaluate if the college tuition is worth it, they have to evaluate what’s important to them in life. They have to ask themselves do they want to potentially be paying off debt for the rest of their life, or do they want to avoid college all together.

It really shouldn’t.


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