My First Months At An HBCU

So, I’ve been at the #1 public HBCU, NCATSU for 4 months. I moved in the 13th for the Honors Program but school officially started on the 20th of August.

One thing I can say about this school is Aggie Pride. Achieving Great Goals In Everything, Producing Renowned Individuals Dedicated To Excellence.

NCAT is a school that is very accomplished, yet receives little recognition for its achievements. I’m not just saying that because I attend school here, I can say that for several HBCU’s (Fort Valley State University is one I can name in less than 10 seconds). My school is so amazing.

I received admittance into NC State, Chapel Hill, & ECU… but I’m overwhelmingly happy that I came to Aggieland.

I feel enlightened at A&T. I’m around people who understand me even though we may be from different backgrounds. The amount of school pride that each student has is astounding. I come from a high school where students would laugh at Spirit Week… so coming to a school where school pride is encouraged ESPECIALLY against our rival NCCU.

One thing is that I became more socially aware at NCAT, especially during the #MikeBrown and #EricGarner cases. Never have I seen a campus so involved in what they believe. Last minute protests were organized on campus and in Greensboro, and they were successful and peaceful. It showed how UNCG, NCAT, and Bennett can stand together for a cause.

*Excuse any typos in this article, I’m listening to the new J.Cole album*


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