Why We’re Actually Not Mad At ‘Tiny And Shekinah’s Weave Trip’

The Urban Daily

weavetripbusMy initial reaction to an email from VH1 about a new series called Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip was a cry for help. As in, “Jesus and Beyoncé: Please don’t let this show be another attempt by white folks to embarrass us.” Already, I can imagine some people thinking I have my nerve given I watch Love & Hip Hop: Wherever faithfully. Fair enough, but even that franchise isn’t screaming foolishness in its title (not initially anyway). There’s just something about the name of this show – Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip – that screams “I may have to do way too much explaining to someone unfamiliar with my folks.”

I’ve noticed my sentiments were shared by many like-minded VH1 viewers on social media who may not necessarily believe those featured on Basketball Wives and Love & Hip Hop will doom Negroes the world over, but nonetheless still remember cringing at the screams…

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