Why I Chose To Major In Biology

I believe majoring in Biology will not only help me pursue a career in medicine, but will also allow me to pursue my love of science. Ever since taking the required course, Biology, in the 10th grade, I’ve fallen in love with science. I loved researching topics ranging from cell meiosis/mitosis to studying the relation of RNAs and proteins. I strongly believed by the end of my freshman year in highschool that there was a place for me in the field of of medicine, but my course in Biology solidified this notion. The only problem was I didn’t know where I fit in.

I knew I loved the technological aspect of science and how applying it to medicine could create new technologies that could improve current technology used in medical labs and in the biomedical field- but I also loved socializing with people and helping them face to face, like professionals do in careers such as, Dentistry, Therapy, and Nursing. To get a clearer view of the path I’d one day take, I embarked on a mission that I like to call “What I’d Like To Do With My Life.” Over the years in high school, I’ve went to CDEP- Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Academy, Veterinarian camp, shadowed medical professionals, etc., and I’ve decided that I want to serve in an underserved community in Western North Carolina as a Family Practitioner.


I believe my background as an Intern at LoveSpeaksOut (an organization that promotes awareness and advocates for the end of teen dating violence) and my experience as a Media Specialist as Amazing Grace Personal Care Services ( a company that provides home care to the elderly, giving them the option to stay and live at home instead of living in a nursing home) has given me the ability to relate to people of all ages. My experience as a  Volunteer at The Relatives (a teen shelter in Charlotte, NC) has given me the ability to be able to understand people of different backgrounds. Living in Mount Holly, NC and attending a high school with a student body of 1200 has prepared me to not only be able to serve a small population, but to be able to relate and understand the needs of a relatively small population.


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