Life In Western North Carolina


Sweet flowers blooming,
Fine gentleman cutting grass,
Making sure their lawns win the prize.


Season tickets to the Bobcats and Panthers game,
& lovely walks through the Botanical Gardens.
Oh!, Winter time and Fall are the best of all.


If you’re cold, the Billy Graham Library offers hot chocolate and horse rides.
& you and your lover can go see the Christmas lights in Mcadenville.
A walk through Charlotte, Greensboro, or Raleigh will do you good. Duke vs. Chapel Hill is the biggest rivalry and ECU has the best parties. Our closest HBCU, NCATSU has the best homecoming on Earth!!!
Constant trips to the mall and outlets are a girl’s best friend.


You don’t like shopping and you’re more of an outdoors type? Take a trip to the Whitewater Center and go kayaking…. Or go to Myrtle Beach, SC which is an hour drive away… Want to ski almost year round, gather some friends and travel up to Appalachian State.


The fashion here is something crucial. In some parts, some people still dress like music videos from 2003… while some wear Jack Rogers, Lily Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, Nautica, Nike, Under Armour, and Vineyard Vines to school, and others wear ball gowns for charity events. No matter the event, it’s pretty amazing.


The vibes given off during the summer time are radiant. Crop tops, Levi high waisted shorts, and converse. Halo braids, with jewelry that reaches your belly buttons and aztec patterned socks.

Still can’t grasp the kind of  place we are?



Jazz festivals in the park, taste of Charlotte and Speed Street are yearly rituals. Cafe’s with better coffee than Starbucks and the feeling of love in the air. Kissing your love in the woods and thanking God no snakes were around 🙂 . Looking at the stars outside at night, just dreaming. Dreaming about the future and what it holds for us, regretting the day our summer love has to end.


The thing I love about Western, NC (and NC in general) the most, is the type of people that live here. We’re right in the middle of the North and South (even though we’re considered South,) we, like most places, have or mistakes but we learn from them. Friday night football games, traveling to McDonalds with your friends just to buy a dollar tea, and springtime soccer games. The boys play in their church bands and choirs, and go fishing and mudding (riding your freshly washed truck through fresh wet mud) religiously.

Yeah, everything isn’t for everyone, but what is right?


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