The Black College Male’s Opinion On Women Who Wear Their Natural Hair


Okay, so recently I’ve been seeing a lot of Vlogs on YouTube and articles on the internet about what men of all races think about natural hair. Some men embraced the beauty displayed by their wives, fiances, girl friends, sisters, mothers, and aunts (ants)…. but some men were completely against it – and I noticed that most of the men against women and their natural hair, were young and Black.

Why is it that Black men can’t love what grows on top of their women’s heads, matter of fact their heads! Some say it’s because Black hair hasn’t been worn in public for over 40 years, and some say the media doesn’t show it like they do other textures, and some people just don’t know in general.

Regardless of these statements, I conducted an interview with my personal friend named Lance. Just for a background on Lance, Lance is an African American male, plays football, loves his grandma’s cooking, born and raised in the South, and is a college Sophmore.

*Don’t judge his responses, I told him to be honest. Responses by Lance will be underlined and responses by me will be italicized*

“Does it need to be a long response?”

No, but it needs to be opinionated.

“So it must be one sided?”

No, just whatever you feel about natural hair.

“Oh well I think its beautiful on some people… but its not for everyone ….but I believe its something that is often looked down upon and should be admired for the amount of courage it takes to go against what society normally feels should be seen as “good” hair…..”

What do you mean by “it’s not for everyone?”

I don’t mean it’s not for everyone. How can something that grows out of your head not for you? When I say that, I mean don’t just use the fact that your natural as an excuse to walk out of the house any type of way. Like any hairstyle, style your hair in a presentable way.

Alright, question #3.

Would you be more biased dating a girl with more of a curly natural texture or one with a kinky texture that commonly seen as nappy even if she took care of it and styled it? Why did you choose your choice?

“Ok…you said you had 1 question …how many do you really have?”

4 lol (laugh out loud)

“I was led to believe there would be one…”

Lance don’t be difficult, please answer the question. How am I going to do an interview off of one question!?

“A curly natural texture …because i personally like curly hair.”

Is that because you would rather be seen with a girl that resembles the White or Hispanic ethnicity, and not a girl that is commonly associated with descendants of Africa?

“No… I would like to be with her because that is the hair style that I think is cute…. if I wanted a girl of that race I would go after women of that race and cut out the middle man… I like black women and honestly dont care if its either one of the two picks …but for the sake of the interview I picked the one that most appealed to my taste at the moment…”

Believe it or not, some guys will not date a girl with natural hair because of the texture of her natural hair. What advice would you give a girl who wasn’t seen as dating material by a boy, because of her natural hair texture?

“Can I answer this question honestly… or do I have to give an educated reply?”


“If a guy doesn’t like you over something as simple as hair… then he’s not the right guy for you anyways…and he doesn’t like you for the right reasons …Honestly by not pursuing a relationship with him, you’re just saving yourself from problems that will occur later down the road by not messing with a guy that’s insecure with what he has.”

The End.

As always, leave your opinion and constructive criticism in the comment section. Also, has there ever been a time when you felt discriminated by the opposite sex because of the way you wear your hair, whether natural, permed, or weave? Comment your story in the comment section. Thanks so much for all the support!


4 responses to “The Black College Male’s Opinion On Women Who Wear Their Natural Hair

  1. I appreciate his honesty. In Columbus for this May’s 2014 INHMD event we had a panel discussion that included a man who was against natural hair. He gave a similar answer to a question as your friend did, by saying curly hair (instead of kinky hair) is his preference. I kept wandering where he developed that preference. I wish more people would did deep for that answer!

    • Yes, I told him no matter what he thought I’d think, tell the truth. I always wondered why on YouTube Vlogs, men would say they preferred natural hair, but always leaned towards someone that wasn’t natural or had more European like hair or curly hair. I’m glad you like the post!

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