A Journey of Trial & Error

That Girl With The Fro

I’m convinced that natural hair is a trial and error process…

I’ve been experimenting with different products and methods since late 2010 when I began transitioning. I honestly regret not experimenting with different haircuts while going through the process of transitioning from relaxed to fully natural hair. No changing the past though. 

Eventually I was ready to big chop and rock a fierce TWA. Like anything, when you’re trying something new you want the results you expected. Right? Well I read things like “Oh, when I cut my hair and finally got rid of those relaxed ends, I felt so liberated and free.” Now don’t get me wrong, things like that had absolutely nothing to do with my decision to end my relationship with creamy crack as some call it. I was bored with straight hair and relaxers got on my nerves. It was time for a new journey. 


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