Why I’m Attending An HBCU In The Fall, After Graduating From A Predominantly White High School


For those of you who don’t know, there are several different types of schools – PWI (Predominantly White Institution,) PBI (Predominantly Black Institution,) AANAPISI (Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institution,) HSI (Hispanic-Serving Institution,) TCU (Tribal Colleges & Universities) & of course HBCU (Historical Black Colleges & Universities.)

I attend a small rural highschool of roughly 1700 students (depending where you live, that’s a big school, but to me it’s small.) In that 1700, about 72% are White, and 28% are Black (African American and other Descendants of Africa,) Hispanic, Asian, Native American, and, or European.

Of those students, very few minorities (the 28%) are in Honors, AP, or College Credit Classes (Commonly known as IB courses.) I am one of those students that do take advantage of the courses my school offers. On Monday’s – Thursday’s (8:00 – 2:50,) I leave my predominantly white suburban neighborhood and go to a school where I am surrounded by white students and white teachers. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being around white people. From them I learned new things and tried new things – Pageantry, Homecoming Queen Court, Internships, etc.- but I also love my race and being around them.

When it was time to apply for college, I received acceptance into several of my state’s top schools – North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, East Carolina University, North Carolina A&T University- and even schools not in my state – Fort Valley State University (Georgia), Pennsylvania State University (Pennsylvania), Brenau University (Georgia), Howard University (District of Columbia), and Hampton University (Virginia.)

I received a full ride 5 year scholarship to a dual degree energy program at Fort Valley State University (3 years) and Pennsylvania State University (2 years) to be a Geoscientist with a double major in Chemistry and Geology. I also received about $40,000 in scholarship money from other schools, however, I personally felt that it wasn’t my true passion, nor calling, to be a Geoscientist and I felt guilty to take a scholarship away from someone else who has the burning passion to be a Geoscientist, while I’m just complacent about the whole situation. Also, I didn’t want to be a Geoscientist, I want to be a Family Practitioner – but that’s another blog topic 🙂 .

In the Fall, I will be a Biology major with a double minor in African American Studies and Spanish. Based on my education specifics, you should be able to tell that I love underrepresented groups and that I want to help them. I decided to attend an HBCU (FINALLY I’M TALKING ABOUT THE ACTUAL BLOG TOPIC) because I want to gain the collegiate experience of being surrounded by likeminded individuals from similar and different backgrounds. I always felt deprived because I’m Black…. but I didn’t grow up around, nor was I comfortable (due to me feeling I’d be considered weird for not “being black enough”) being around, Black people.

This will be an interesting journey and I’ll try to Blog EVERY moment of it with you guys! Thanks so much for following my blog and all the support. I’ll soon be doing a blog post with tips on how to cope with the social change of attending an HBCU (after attending a predominantly white high school) and also just the social change in general that college provides.

Don’t forget to like, share, or comment your opinion on my blog! Also, giving constructive criticism on things that can help make my blog better and topics you’d like to read about, would be very helpful.


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