Southern Sunnies

Homegrown Charm

In the summer, my sunglasses will always be found on either my face or on top of my head.  I also immediately give the “oh no you didn’t” glare at people when they suggest I remove them indoors … okay, maybe I’m not that bad.  But not too far either.  I love how sunglasses have transformed into a summertime essential when making a fashion statement.  Like purses, and shoes, a great pair of sunglasses bring serious heat and southern sass to any outfit (So why I should I take them off indoors!? Oh right, so I don’t seem overly Kanye-West-douchey.  Not that his brand of douchery isn’t totally awesome, I’m just not sure I wear it well … the douchey-ness, that is.  I wear the sunglasses oh so well.) Special thanks to Glitter’s composition of this summers must-have sunnies.


1.  Karen Walker Number One Vanilla Wood Sunglasses // 2.  Karen…

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