Why Celebrities Should Not Be Considered Role Models For The Younger Generation


Personally, I don’t believe that celebs should be considered role models for the younger generation (or any generation for that matter.)

Who am I to put that tremendous weight on a person’s shoulder, and blame them for my child being messed up in a messed up world? More and more, I constantly see titles stamped across a magazine that say ‘OUTRAGEOUS’ or ‘MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT,’ but in reality…. who is the major disappointment- Celebs or Parents? When celebs become famous (regardless of how they do it,) it is not their responsibility to raise a child that they didn’t help conceive. When they become famous, they don’t go to every child’s parent and demand that they be that child’s sole provider; they simply just want to live their lives and be happy like the rest of us.

When a parent allows their child to be totally influenced by someone or something, that is the parent’s fault. Parents have to take more responsibility, and acknowledge that they allowed their child to be influenced by someone. Even after reading this article, if you still want to allow your child to “idolize” someone, at least have them looking up to someone more responsible and more mundane- a doctor, dentist, teacher (teachers run the world :))- people that are actually beneficial to society.

Regardless to what you think, comment your opinion and share this post! Thanks so much

– Moriah


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